Hearing the Voice of God


Ya know every time I go back and to read through Genesis, I begin to battle with envy, and I start coveting their face to face encounters with God, and the angelic visitations the experienced.

As I’m reading, and visualizing God walking with these people (Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, and Lot) I’m thinking… “I want that. I am supposed to be walking with God, and experiencing him on that level. I was created to walk with God on this level”

You know, God will show us things about ourselves if we’re willing to humble ourselves. And in that moment I had to admit, that I was living below my means. It was incorrect for me to feel envious of them, or covet them, because to covet is to yearn for something that you don’t have.

But in John chapter 16 Jesus Promises his spirit, and the bible says in verse 13 that when the spirit of truth comes, “He will guide us in all truth.” And in acts chapter 2 we see the Holy spirit being poured out, and released in the earth.

You see when we are able to admit, that we are living below our means and privileges, then we are able to really pursue the heart of God for us, and his call on our lives. You know, we are so quick to say, “Well God doesn’t speak to me”, or “I’m in a season of testing.” But, I truly believe that there were a lot of moments in my life where God was speaking, and I missed it.

We have so much noise in this day and age that competes with the voice of God, including our own, and I believe with all my heart that God speaks. I believe that everyone on planet earth has an innate ability to hear the voice of God their father. Its wasn’t that he wasn’t speaking to me, it was that I could not hear him.

Many times in life, the status of our relationship with God is not what we’ve been given, but rather it’s just what we are settling for.

So I asked myself, “What would happen if I decided that every moment he spoke to me I was going to hear him?” And I want to encourage everyone along with myself today, lets not settle! Let’s press into God, and make a decision to discover what HIS voice sounds like in our lives! He wants to guide us in ALL truths. Amen